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Addinsight 3.10.0 makes traffic management easier

Addinsight’s industry-leading traffic intelligence software has launched its newest major release, adding a plethora of new features to support road authorities and local councils make even smarter decisions.

“Addinsight 3.10.0 is a significant upgrade of the Addinsight software, and one that will provide our customers with a vastly improved user experience (UX),” said James Cox, Product Manager, Addinsight.

“UX and UI (user interface) design has been a major focus for us within Addinsight, and the platform is constantly evolving based on customer feedback.

“This latest software update empowers Addinsight users with more features than ever before, enabling data-driven insights to make informed decisions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall community experience.”

Addinsight 3.10.0, released in March 2023, includes several features available for existing customers to download at no extra cost, including:

  • An upgrade to support multiple base maps,
  • Improvements to the real time client chart user experience, and,
  • Drive through links, which utilise data from connected automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to predict and report wait times. Originally developed for COVID-19 testing stations, this feature can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as ferry crossings and freight terminals.

For even greater visibility into the performance of your road network and all connected IoT devices, additional new features (shown in the video below) can be acquired exclusively via a licence upgrade.

For a thorough demonstration of these new features, contact us today.

New licensable features:

Portable traffic signals

In Addinsight 3.10.0 you can configure and monitor portable traffic signals used during projects that require lane use management or general traffic control. Configure components such as signal groups, phases, control plans and vehicle detectors, and the traffic signals can report their current state and the status of associated equipment such as batteries and solar. Associated sensors such as ANPR cameras or radar can also report the information they capture.

To learn more, read the collaborative case study from our sister company, SAGE Automation.

Project performance monitoring

This new feature allows you to monitor the performance of project work sites against baselines derived from a pre-construction date range. The system will regularly report how the work site routes are performing against baseline metrics and can be used to enforce contractual performance criteria.

Enhanced camera visibility

You can already define the location of cameras in Addinsight, but it is now possible to use Addinsight to display and retain still images from the cameras. The images can provide additional contextual information for links, incidents and portable traffic signals.

Better decisions made possible with Addinsight 3.10.0

Through the release of Addinsight 3.10.0, road authorities and local councils can access critical real-time movement data in even finer detail, with greater ease than ever before.

Addinsight remains committed to providing innovative solutions to support road authorities and local councils in harnessing data making better decisions. To find out how you can unlock powerful transport insights using real-time movement data, contact Addinsight for more information.


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